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Fall Headliner

Check out our latest updates Welcome to Good Call Sports (GCS) ”Good Call for ALL”

Thank you for your interest in Good Call Sports (GCS) and welcome to our fall newsletter.

Thank you for your interest in Good Call Sports (GCS) and welcome to our fall newsletter.

GCS was created for all abilities and age levels. We have a youth and adult division that the whole family can enjoy. We believe that everyone should have a chance to play in a low pressure, fun-filled environment where team work rules.


T-Ball Lessons with Coach John

We recently held our free Fall T-Ball Lesson days for 3-6 year olds at Chisholm Park in St. Cloud and Crescent Park in Lake Nona. We had a terrific turnout, which led to the start of our eight week fall lessons. We are having a blast learning the fundamentals of baseball and character development. Coach John has a passion for baseball and teaching. He has created lesson plans that focus on muscle memory, hand eye coordination, team work, and exercise. Learning the basics of the game in a sports atmosphere will provide kids and parents valuable skills that can be applied on and off the field.


Adult Co-ed Softball / Kickball

We are preparing teams to launch our Lake Nona Co-ed softball/kickball league. We have quite a few players signed up for softball and are needing more to fulfill spots to solidify a full season. Our plan is to play at McCoy Community Park on Sunday mornings. We are looking to partner with restaurants around the area for brunch after the games. Sign ups are free on our website and the pricing is noted below.

  • 8 game season and single elimination playoff includes:

  • $500/team ($475 if you sign up a whole team)

  • $50 for free agents ($43 if you refer a friend)

When signing up, please pick any date in October/November or click: "check the next available date" under the calendar. Please keep in mind these "dates" are just a place holder in order to compile teams and are not solid start days. We understand everyone is as eager as we are to begin the season, and we will update each player via email and Facebook. Thank you for your patience as we create the best possible playing experience for you.



Our future is bright and it's all thanks to you. Without your support we wouldn't be where we are today. Our goal is to provide a service that is for all. We will be adding additional sports programs, videos, updates, and merchandise to our website and social media. Make sure to follow us to stay connected!


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