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What is Slugger's Youth Sandlot Baseball League?

Little League Baseball Game

Good Call Sports is the future of youth sports. Our unique focus on developing consistent playing skills through maximum repetitions, while maintaining a fun-first attitude, sets us apart from other leagues. Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping every player reach their full potential both on and off the field. Our teams are intentionally designed to be small, and supportive for each player to develop their own personal style while instilling a strong work ethic. Join our league and experience the difference for yourself. 

*Teams: Maximum of 6 Players per team instead of your traditional 2 teams of 12 
*Rotate: Teams Rotate from hitting to infield to outfield 
*Rules: modernized for maximum reps and no bench time for all age groups
*Time: Varies by age group O
ne 30-45 minute practice One 45 minute Game (different days) 
9-12 year olds 60 minute practice & game
*Process: All players practice and play the same day (play with friends)
​• All round Experience: between our experienced staff our willing volunteers, you and your will recieve an experience of a lifetime. Our MILB level quality will have you going BANANAS LITERALLY! EVERYONE participates, walk up music for the players and more! 

times and schedule so you have your life back!

3 Year Old- Eight week program 1x/week (6 lessons/2 games)

Lake Nona Tuesday's 5p

St Cloud Saturdays 8a

4-12 Year Old- Seven Week program 2x week (9 lessons/5 games)


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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