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Dear Potential Sponsor,


Our community needs your help! My name is John Barna and I am the owner of Good Call Sports. I created this company with one goal in mind: to have fun. 


We are seeking donors or sponsors to help grow a new style sports league that focuses on education, instruction and fun for both youth and adults.


Over the last ten years, youth sports participation has declined almost 10% and the average number of years a child plays a sport is three. Why is that? 


There are multiple reasons like competitiveness, expense, or uneducated/irate coaches and parents who suck the fun out of the sport. 


Our "sandlot" style league is designed to let kids be kids again and make them leaders of the game, just like when you played in your neighborhood with all your friends. They will be the umpires, coaches and leaders. Of course our trained staff will help guide them. 


This is where YOU come into play (no pun intended). We are looking to equip our players, pay for fields, keep expenses reasonable for parents/players, and grow our community. We would love the opportunity to build a partnership with you and your company to provide a difference in a young person's life. We hope you can assist whether it is monetarily or with equipment or field space. We can't wait to work with you!


Please submit your info and we will have someone from our team reach out to customize a partnership package.  

Sponsors Are Special 

Help us make a difference

Thank you for your supporting our mission to provide the best service in our community

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